boost::process::basic_work_directory_context< Path > Class Template Reference

#include <context.hpp>

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boost::process::basic_context< Path >

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Public Member Functions

 basic_work_directory_context ()

Public Attributes

Path work_directory

Detailed Description

template<class Path>
class boost::process::basic_work_directory_context< Path >

Base context class that defines the child's work directory.

Base context class that defines the necessary fields to configure a child's work directory. This class is useless on its own because no function in the library will accept it as a valid Context implementation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Path>
boost::process::basic_work_directory_context< Path >::basic_work_directory_context (  )  [inline]

Constructs a new work directory context.

Constructs a new work directory context making the work directory described by the new object point to the caller's current working directory.

Member Data Documentation

The process' initial work directory.

The work directory is the directory in which the process starts execution.

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