boost::process::process Class Reference

#include <process.hpp>

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boost::process::child boost::process::self boost::process::posix_child boost::process::win32_child

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Public Member Functions

 process (id_type id)
id_type get_id () const
void terminate (bool force=false) const

Detailed Description

Generic implementation of the Process concept.

The process class implements the Process concept in an operating system agnostic way.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

boost::process::process::process ( id_type  id  )  [inline]

Constructs a new process object.

Creates a new process object that represents a running process within the system.

Member Function Documentation

id_type boost::process::process::get_id (  )  const [inline]

Returns the process' identifier.

void boost::process::process::terminate ( bool  force = false  )  const [inline]

Terminates the process execution.

Forces the termination of the process execution. Some platforms allow processes to ignore some external termination notifications or to capture them for a proper exit cleanup. You can set the force flag to true in them to force their termination regardless of any exit handler.

After this call, accessing this object can be dangerous because the process identifier may have been reused by a different process. It might still be valid, though, if the process has refused to die.

boost::system::system_error If the system call used to terminate the process fails.

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