boost::process::detail::stream_info Struct Reference

#include <stream_info.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  type {
  close, inherit, redirect, use_file,
  use_handle, use_pipe

Public Member Functions

 stream_info (const stream_behavior &sb, bool out)

Public Attributes

type type_
int desc_to_
std::string file_
file_handle handle_
boost::optional< pipepipe_

Detailed Description

Configuration data for a file descriptor.

This convenience structure provides a compact way to pass information around on how to configure a file descriptor. It is a lower-level representation of stream_behavior, as it can hold the same information but in a way that can be used by the underlying operating system.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Supported stream types.

close  Matches stream_behavior::close.
inherit  Matches stream_behavior::inherit.
redirect  Matches stream_behavior::redirect_to_stdout and stream_behavior::posix_redirect.
use_file  Matches stream_behavior::silence.
use_handle  TODO: Matches nothing yet ...
use_pipe  Matches stream_behavior::capture.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

boost::process::detail::stream_info::stream_info ( const stream_behavior sb,
bool  out 
) [inline]

Constructs a new stream_info object.

Member Data Documentation

Stream type.

Descriptor to use when stream type is set to redirect.

File to use when stream type is set to use_file.

Handle to use when stream type is set to use_handle.

Pipe to use when stream type is set to use_pipe.

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