Boris Schäling

18 March 2009

Monotree: A viewer for monotone

monotone is a distributed version control system built as a single executable console program. As a console program it lacks a comfortable GUI to display reports. That's where Monotree comes in. It is a Windows application which can load monotone's database and create reports. As it loads monotone's database it's not even required to have monotone installed. Once reports are created they can be saved as images.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

Monotree is a viewer for the distributed version control system monotone. As a viewer it loads and reads monotone's database to create reports. As it is a Windows application with a graphical user interface it can help to understand monotone's data easier and more quickly.

Monotree is not a graphical user interface for monotone. It doesn't even use monotone but loads monotone's database directly. It's possible to load a database created by monotone without having monotone installed at all.

Monotree's most important features are:

2. System Requirements

Before you download Monotree make sure you meet the following system requirements:

Although the .NET Framework is ported to other operating systems it's unlikely that Monotree runs on other operating systems than Windows. It depends on ODBC and requires a ODBC driver for SQLite3.

3. Download

Click on the filename to download the latest version of Monotree. If you want to download a previously released version please have a look at the archive. If you need help downloading and installing see the instructions.

File Name Monotree.exe
Version 0.3
Date Published 17 June 2007
Language English
Download Size 3.2 MB
Source Code

Monotree is released under a modified MIT license. You need to agree to the license when you run the setup wizard to install Monotree. If you don't know the MIT license no need to hesitate - it's a free software license which allows to you copy and distribute Monotree as much as you want.

Although it is free this version of Monotree uses the layout engine Glee from Microsoft Research. Glee is licensed under the Microsoft Research Shared Source License Agreement and is for non-commercial use only. Due to this restriction you can not use this version of Monotree for commercial use. Either download Monotree 0.1 which does not use Glee from the archive or change the source code of Monotree 0.3 to get rid of Glee.

4. Instructions

  1. Click on the file name in Download to start the download.

  2. Click Run or Open to start the installation immediately or Save to save the download to your computer for installation at a later time.

You must use a user account with administrator rights to install Monotree. When you try to install Monotree it is automatically checked if your user account has administrator rights.

5. Archive

As new versions of Monotree are released from time to time old versions can be found here:

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